KD-Seamless Single Conductor bar

KD-Seamless Single Conductor bar

KD Seamless Insulated Conductor Rails

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The safety power rails are electrical conductors of various profiles that are used to provide electrical potential to moving systems. It consists of Single seamless conductor rails, end tension & power in, hanger clamp, insulator hanger, fixed end insulator, fix square bar.

Common application include: manufacturing robots, material handing system, overhead cranes, playground equipments.

Advantages(why choose us)

Can supplypower from one conductor bar system to many systems,can provide power input at any position.

Conductor bar extremely resistant,stainless steel surface corrosion-resistant.

With long life ,low contact resistance,access to reliable,easy to install and protect.

 Suitable for large current work, can supply long distance.

Compact and simple structure, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Seamless single conductor rail easy to install, maintain, high availability, meet industry safety standards.

Type Specification Length Weight(kg)
KKD60175 600V-175A m 0.45
KKD60225 600V-225A m 0.55
KKD60275 600V-275A m 0.75
KKD60325 600V-325A m 0.90

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