KD-Seamless Conductor bar

KD-Seamless Conductor bar

KD Seamless Conductor Bar System

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The safety power rails are electrical conductors of various profiles that are used to provide electrical potential to moving systems along a path of travel which have 3-6 poles.

The safety power rails are available for current load from 30A up to 200A mobile electrification technology for moving transportation vehicles and equipment. Common application include: manufacturing robots, material handing system, overhead cranes, playground equipments.

Safety power rail systems are available in a variety of configuration depending on applications requirements. Safety power rails ( 3 IN 1, 4 IN 1, 6 IN 1 )

Advantages ( why choose us)

No joints (except power feed), safety, and neat, use indoor.

Integrated design, compact, easy to installation and maintenance, save time and reduce cost.

Continuously copper inside, conductivity up to 99.99%, small voltage drop, travel steadily, and allow high travel speed, less noise.

Housing made of PVC, and special technology makes it anti-shock, ultraviolet protected and good physical characteristics.

Install radius down to 500mm, widely application.

Ambient temperature: PVC -15℃—+55℃.

3P-Continuous Insulated Conductor Rails
Type Specification Unit Weight(kg) No.
KD-3-6-30A 3P6mm² m 0.59 73060030
KD-3-10-50A 3P10mm² m 0.76 73060050
KD-3-16-80A 3P16mm² m 1.04 73160080
KD-3-20-100A 3P20mm² m 1.32 73200100
KD-3-25-125A 3P25mm² m 1.60 73250125
KD-3-35-175A 3P35mm² m 1.88 73350175
4P-Continuous Insulated Conductor Rails
Type Specification Unit Weight(kg) No.
KD-4-6-30A 4P6mm² m 0.68 74060030
KD-4-10-50A 4P10mm² m 0.83 74100050
KD-4-16-80A 4P16mm² m 1.04 74160080
KD-4-25-125A 4P25mm² m 1.36 74250125
KD-4-35-175A 4P35mm² m 1.72 74350175
KD-4-10+1-50A 4P10mm²+1*6mm² m 0.99 74101050
KD-4-16+1-80A 4P16mm²+1*6mm² m 1.05 74161080
KD-4-20+1-100A 4P20mm²+1*10mm² m 1.14 74201100
KD-4-25+1-125A 4P25mm²+1*10mm² m 1.23 74251125
KD-4-30+1-150A 4P30mm²+1.10mm² m 1.36 74301150
KD-4-35+1-175A 4P35mm²+1*10mm² m 1.49 74351175
6P-Continuous Insulated Conductor Rails
Type Specification  Unit Weight(kg) No.
KD-6-6-30A 6P6mm² m 0.95 76060030
KD-6-10-50A 6P10mm² m 1.18 76100050
KD-6-16-80A 6P16mm² m 1.41 76160080

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