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How does the current collector of conductor bar work?

By Klifting, Nov 12, 2021, 10:00 AM

At each different location, the mobile device must be able to access power at any time, otherwise it can not work. Therefore, the current collector came into being. The collector is mainly composed of an insulating support frame and several carbon brushes.The sliding conductor with one set current collector is mounted parallel to the running track of the mobile device, and the power supply is turned on. The collector is the main device to pick up the electric energy on the collecting side of conductor bar system. It transfers the electric energy directly to the electric equipment through the sliding contact between the carbon brush and the rail.  Since the mobile device moves, the collector needs to constantly change its position.Thus, when the device moves, the collector synchronizes with the device and readily takes power from the conductor and supplies it to the device so that the device can continue to move.