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Features Of Klifting Enclosed Conductor Bus bar

By Klifting, Dec 9, 2021, 8:12 AM
  1. Safety:The Klifting KK Enclosed Copper Conductor bar System is made of Highly insulated engineering plastics.PVC housing: It can protect from rain, snow and freezing attacks as well as hanging objects. The enclosed bus bar are applicable to various environmental conditions.
  2. Reliability: The transmission rail has excellent conductivity, conductor material is 99.99% electrolytic copper, good conductive property; flexible movement of the receiver, and good directional performance, which effectively controls the contact arc and string arc phenomenon.
  3. Economical:Energy-saving;The power supply enclosed bus bar device has a simple structure, which replaces steel with plastic and copper with plastic. It has a novel design, no other insulation structure and no compensation line. It is installed on the same side of the crane control room, saving installation materials and funds. 4m/piece, easy to install, maintain and replace; clean and tidy, esthetic appearance.
  4. Convenience: The power-closed busbar device integrates the multi-level busbars into a conduit, which is easy to assemble; fine insulating property, high impact, high mechanical strength long performance life; suitable for different kinds of weather.