KS KL KC Copper Head / Steel / Aluminum Conductor Bar System

KS KL KC Copper Head / Steel / Aluminum Conductor Bar System

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KS KL KC Copper Head / Steel / Aluminum Conductor Bar System

The well-known Kaiqiang Copperhead Conductor Rails represent a neat and compact arrangement and have proven an outstanding success for safe power feeding of:

Travelling cranes, Loading bridges, Container handling equipment, Monorails, Hoists, Coking machinery and many other applications.
The Copperhead Conductor Rails are available in sizes to meet individual current requirements from 200 to 1,500 Amps.


Steel mills, Coking plants, Gas works, Cement industries, Ship yards and Dockside enterprises.

Fibreglass-Copperhead Rails are preferably used for applica- tions in corrosive atmospheres and in locations with high humidity.

Aluminium-Copperhead Rails are very economical due to the light weight of the Aluminium and its high conductivity.

Solid-Copper Rails are recommended for heavy duty current rating and for humid locations.
The rails are supplied  in 6m and 7 m  standard lengths, drilled at either end for joint plates or expansion connectors. Shorter lengths are available to coincide with your run way lengths requirements.

We produce a complete range of Accessories, Insulators and Current Collectors.
Low weight of rails and saving of steel superstructure and space.

Variation in temperature and resulting expansion and contrac- tion is compensated by standard expansion joints.


With Klifting-Systems you eliminate all drawbacks inherent in the conventional design of trolley wires, steel angles and steel rails.

Copperhead Rails ensure an efficient and continuous contact. There is no sparking. The easy maintenance is a proven low factor.

No losses due to interruption of service, no downtime. Negligible wear - almost unlimited life of conductors.

Much lower resistance between copperhead and carbon pick- up shoe.

  • KS Steel-Copperhead Rails


Standard lengths: 6 m (23´)

Main application: conductor system for heavy monorails, down-shop and cross travel supply for medium duty cranes


Standard lengths:6m or 7m,other length according to customer need.

Main application:  down-shop and cross travel supply for heavy cranes,loading bridges, coking machinery, rapid transit systems etc.

The steel sections can be supplied galvanized or with anticorrosion paint.

  • KFL Aluminum-Copperhead rails

Standard lengths: 6m or 7m,other length according to customer need.

Main application: conductor system for heavy monorails, down-shop and cross travel supply for medium duty cranes

Standard lengths: 6m or 7m,other length according to customer need.

Main application:  down-shop and cross travel supply for heavy cranes, loading bridges, coking machinery, rapid transit systems etc.

  • KFL Hollow-Aluminium-Copperhead Rails 

Standard lengths:6m or 7m,other length according to customer need.

  • KFC Solid-Copper Rails 

Main application:Standard lengths:6m or 7m,other length according to customer need.

C 20/200 and C 35/400 in conjunction with heavy enclosed conductor systems.
C 45/- series for heavy duty current ratings.

Ampere capacity

Adequate ampere capacity must be provided to carry the anticipated electrical loads:

The total ampere load is determined from the nominal rated full load current reduced by the duty cycle ( fED) and by a diversity factor for non-simultaneous operation.

The average crane motor duty cycle is usually between 40% and 60%, depending on the type of application.

A diversity factor of 0.4 to 0.7 can be used when there are more than one crane on the same runway.

3 cranes, each In = 300 Amps.
Length of runway: 100 m (330’)
Assumed duty cycle: 60% (ED)
Assumed diversity factor: 0.7
Ampere load per crane: In x fED = 300 A x 0.78 = 234 A
Ampere load for 3 cranes: 234 A x 3 = 702 A
Total Ampere load when using
a diversity factor of 0.7: 702 A x 0.7 = 491.4 A
Selected conductors:( F 35/100 or: F 45/50)

Formula for Voltage Drop Calculation:
AC: Δ u = √ 3 x I x l x Z
DC: Δ u = 2 l x I x R
Δu = Voltage drop [V] R = Resistance [Ohm/m]
I = Ampere load [A] l = Length from power feed
to end of conductor [m]
Z = Impedance [Ohm/m] L = System length [m]

duty cycle















Other Criterion

a) Select the conductor cross section to carry the calculated total Ampere load and consider the voltage drop calculation to maintain the limits established by the motor manufacturers. The conductor size and/or number of feed points should be increased in case the drop is exceeding the limitations. For very high Ampere loads it may be necessary to provide booster cables.

b) Specify the correct Klifting-conductor by considering the type of application and environment, such as heavy or light.

Effective Length:
l = L  power feed located at the end of the system
l = L/2 power feed located at the mid-point of the system
l = L/4 power feed located at both ends of the system
l = L/6 power feed located at L/6 from each end of the system



About us 

Shandong Kaiqiang Electric Technology Co.,Ltd. located in No. 6000 north ring road (Our previous registered address is No.10 Taiping industry park, Linqu) of Linqu county over 40000 square meters, is a professional manufacturer specializing in research and development, producing and sales. Our main fields are accessories for lifting equipment. Our main in conductor bar system, festoon system, electrical chain hoist, and other lifting accessories. All our products are well suit especially for all kinds of cranes.

Conductor bar system is our leading products with the characteristics of safety, energy-saving, high efficiency and environment-friendliness. Our company has passed the certification of ISO9001:2000, CCC,SGS,CE, reached the international standards of DIN534438,NFEN60529-92, NFC32-070-91 and VDE0470, and met the certification of JB6391.1-92 and JB6391.2-92.

"Quality is our life, integrity is our impetus", the most precious treasure of the Kaiqiang company, is the ultimate driving force that keeps us moving on.


1. Q: What is your conductor bar MOQ?

A, If you have agent in China arrange the delivery shipping for you, there will be no MOQ limited.

2. Conductor bar cooperation procedure:

A, Firstly, send us an inquiry for quote, and please be specific on products category, name, material, ampere, quantity and required delivery time.

B, Then we will send you our best price with our company information.

C, We are glad to send you samples to let you test our products quality. We have our own Express company, so we can promise you bottom price of the freight.

D, We may contact you for clarification or options during this period. Please carefully review our quote, and don’t hesitate to call or email us if you have any question or need any advice, make necessary revisions.

E, After confirming all the information by you, we will prepare a copy of PI (Proforma Invoice) or Purchase Agreement, and we will attach our Bank information.

F, When received your payment, we will start the production at once. When the good are finished, we will take all the pictures from difference angles for your reference. Then we will arrange the shipment for you at once. At last we will send you the Commercial Invoice and Packing List, especially the Original B/L.