Conductor bar System Selection Guide

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Adequate Ampere Capacity must be provided to carry the anticipated electrical loads:

The total Ampere load is determined from the nominal rated full load current reduced by the duty cycle ( fED) and by a diversity factor for non-simultaneous operation.

The average crane motor duty cycle is usually between 40% and 60%, depending on the type of application.

A diversity factor of 0.4 to 0.7 can be used when there are more than one crane on the same runway.

Conductor bar system Other Criterion:

a) Select the conductor bar system  cross section to carry the calculated total Ampere load and consider the voltage drop calculation to maintain the limits established by the motor manufacturers. The conductor size and/or number of feed points should be increased in case the drop is exceeding the limitations. For very high Ampere loads it may be necessary to provide booster cables.

b) Specify the correct Klifting-conductor by considering the type of application and environment, such as heavy or light.

Effective Length:

Conductor bar system  l = L  power feed located at the end of the system

Conductor bar system  l = L/2 power feed located at the mid-point of the system

Conductor bar system  l = L/4 power feed located at both ends of the system

Conductor bar system  l = L/6 power feed located at L/6 from each end of the system