After-sales Service of Conductor Bar System

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In order to ensure the normal operation of the trolley line, extending its life, after the trolley line put into operation, should carry out regular maintenance. 

1. Brush: Should be inspected once every 1-3 months, according to the movement of electrical equipment usage. Wear collector brushes focus on examination, if the amount of wear ≥5mm, it must be replaced. If you find loose or worn brushes skewed, you should check to identify the reasons for timely treatment.

2. collector: at least once every quarter. Focus on checking for loose fasteners, displacement and plastic parts and moving parts wear, check the spring tension (collector brush contact pressure rail should maintain a certain pressure (see table below). Identify problems in time.

3. Connections: at least once a year. Focus on examination of the fastening bolts, welds, and support is loose, corroded, shift, etc., identify problems and timely treatment.

4. Often check: flatness focus on checking whether the apparent orbit deviation (greater than 20mm), dislocation, insulation guard without loss, breakage, damage, stainless steel "v" shaped groove or without tilt; presence of foreign matter on the track and conductive dust. When necessary to detect the insulation resistance meets the requirements of (white insulation resistance should ≥5MΩ). Especially for rail traffic coincidence degree, gauge, tilt and other large deviations, using frequent workshop excessive dust, high temperature and water, acids, alkalis, fog and outdoor use environment, we must strengthen the routine inspection and maintenance.