About C-track Cable Trolley System

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Cable slide wire, also known as cable trolley line, slip line guide

First, a cable slide wire Product Overview 

The product is mainly used for Chinese design company in Italy CMOAS cigarette production line, is a key piece CMOAS provided, DM type design in CMOAS Dose delivery device, MCA series silo feeders , SAM series with leaf cabinet, the SAD series of storage cabinets and wire FIFQ series heap hunt style cabinets and other storage leaf tobacco production equipment, as mobile traffic signal transmission motors, electrical power and electronic devices most ideal products, each crane factory indispensable accessory products interoperable with imported products can also be used as spare parts for equipment, widely used in railway crossings, ports, garages, cigarette manufacturing and all mobile traffic transmission and distribution systems.

Second, the cable slide wire structural characteristics and working principle

The product consists of a flat cable, carrying cable guide with four trolley and rolled three major components. Flat cable with non-extension of flammable materials, and contact with oil can be used for indoor and outdoor locations, with some weather resistance, with a round cable with a small bending radius ratio, long life and other advantages.

Rolling road once cold-rolled steel cold-drawn shape, in order to ensure the accuracy of cross-sectional dimensions of the track, replacing unsafe angle and other conductive manner, heavy, slippery line fouling indoor, outdoor ice causing a short circuit slightly, affect the use of shortcomings, more domestic original features, track unit length 4 ~ 6m using coupling connectors, be extended to any length required to follow. 

See the product works project application icon (1) the beginning of the flat cable (connected field junction boxes) fixed to the guide roll starting end retainer, and then allowed to run the space according to the site, the appropriate length of the interval (1-2.5mm ) in order to carry the cable fixed four trolley, cable is not terminal (connected with power) because the last car set (tractor) on. By pulling the car to pull the car back and forth movement of the spring, through the cable drag (the length of the original should be considered as more than 20m with a leash, the cable from pulling) role in persuading all of the car to slide freely in a rolling road at any speed, the rail mounting simple, without debugging, and no contact contact power supply, etc., safe and reliable.

Third, the cable slide wire Main technical data

1, Rated voltage: AC750V below.
2, each core wire material and cross-sectional area: rubber flat flexible cables, multi-strand copper wire 1.5-50mm2
3, ambient temperature: -20C - 90C
4, four trolley running speed: <90m / min
5, four trolley working life: <3200h
6, to allow the maximum static load: 150kg

Fourth, the cable slide wire Orders

1, the track length (m) determined in accordance with the actual distance traveled by the user traffic statistics, plus another store to carry away a four-wheel carriage.
2, the cable length (m) the actual run length + distance + to store the car with the electrical junction box and the required length.
3, four trolley track number is generally 1/2 of the total length, the user can increase or decrease the space allowing the cable sag four trolley number.
4, the number of connections coupling head: according to the total length of the track, the track needs more than 4m accessories.
5, other quantities accessories: the number depending on the number of mobile traffic by user statistics, generally require each lane accessories set, each include: I, rail stopper: 1 II, starting end of the cable rail fasteners 1 3, III dial frame (affecting the car) 1