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Safety knowledge about unipolar trolley line

First, what is safe trolley line system?

Trolley line used to power mobile devices, consists of two parts, Waterloo rail line (the fixed portion, and the power phase, often rails are connected by a single length 4m / root or 6 m / root from), collector ( sliding part, slidable on the slide rails or the line and in contact with the copper strip to take power, the current collector for connection to the moving motor).

Now widely used security trolley line (tube closed), ranked trolley line, rigid trolley line, unipolar trolley lines, a significant improvement in the degree of protection, insulation, the safe and reliable.

Safety trolley line - for dust, moisture and other environmental, can be equipped with dust seals and hand protection (trolley line distance from people close to the time to go with the hand protection, such as: akapp). Collector running speed is less than 300 m / min.

Trolley line system can be based on the following criteria constant quality:

1. Brush life - is a consumable item, the travel distance affect equipment maintenance cycle.
2, the trolley line shell quality - suitable temperature and environment.
3, the collector performance - mainly from the life of the wheel, turn the wheel design and collector meets a variety of environments.
4, the trolley line expansion issue - the length of more than 150 meters after the expansion is necessary to consider the issue.
5, the voltage drop problems - down the copper bars vary depending on a variety of lengths voltage.

Second, security trolley line system relevant principles.

Trolley line structure and diverse forms, but the general principle is as follows: due to the movement of mobile devices, you need to change position from time to time, each in a different position, the mobile device can also be obtained at any power supply, otherwise we can not continue to move. At this time, the trolley line came into being along the orbit parallel laying a number of mobile devices conductor strip, power. On the mobile device, and can take power from the collector conductor means.
Thus, when the device is moved, the collector synchronous operation with the device, and ready access to power from the conductor to the device so that the device can continue to move. These conductors and collector composition called safety device on trolley line system.

Third, the production of aluminum alloy stainless steel trolley line system is the main material.

Sliders aluminum (6063A, 6101A).
Jacket, PVC, PPO (high temperature), PC (high temperature)
Other accessories: POM, PVC, reinforced nylon

Fourth, the collector.

Also known as the collector current collector, the current through the trolley line on the collector is conducted to the electrical equipment, collector mounting bracket on the collector, and the collector is mounted on the movement of the stent device. With mobile devices, set on electrical wire brushes move in the slide, uninterrupted power supply. Touch boots is the most critical component collector, I touch is the use of graphite alloy of copper boots patent formula, a special heat treatment process is made of abrasion is 4-5 times that of similar products. Collector connecting rods used in steel, after vulcanization, enhanced its engaged oxidation, corrosion performance. With a stable performance, high-quality stainless steel springs ensure more effective collector contact wire boots and slip reliable contact to prevent electrical arcing and fire generation. Collector has a three-dimensional movement to ensure brush and slip lines maintain good contact in any state.

Five, pylons mention.

Also known as a hanger, hanging racks for hanging trolley line. There are racks and four-hole hole mention pylons mention two kinds. Hole rack mention only one pole hanging trolley line, used for heavy-duty trolley line, light trolley line every 1.5 meters a heavy trolley line every three meters a. Put on the rack lane track (or wall) of the angle bracket bolted and fastened together, thus bringing the trolley line hung up.

Six, retaining clip.

For fixing the outer conductor of the plastic sheath, the sheath of thermal deformation and limits the relative displacement between the wire and the sheath. Retaining clip has a single hole (pole) clip and four holes (pole) sandwiched two fixed. Structural shapes with lift pylons, single-stage fixed clips can only be fixed one, four-hole clip can be fixed at the same time four, one a single fixed clip, four four, four retaining clip a line installed two retaining clips lift pylons mounted on the ends.

Seven, aluminum connectors.

Aluminum trolley line connector used to connect two wires of the coupling member, and the sliding wire guide bar using the same material, and with two guide rods increased contact area, and to ensure that the guide rod having the same characteristics, reduced energy loss.

Eight, connector jacket.

Trolley line connector jacket is mainly used in the trolley line connecting the two parts of its installation position connector jacket heating temperature slightly, so when the selection is also higher than the trolley line sheathing materials require some.

Nine, the power input member.

Is to connect the power cord and wire components. Through this component, the power of electricity transmission to the wire, the section with a plastic sheath, followed by finish line to cast.

Ten, mounting bracket (angle brackets).

To mention hanging rack, wire rack hanging on by mentioning the angle bracket, angle bracket with bolts guide plate is pressed against the plate or welded rail traffic on the rail of the plate can also be fixed in the rail beam Pre leaving holes.

Eleven, maintenance section.

Shared by two or more in the case of a trolley line. There is a need to overhaul the other traffic lane still running, then you can set the maintenance section, simply cut off a length of wire needed repair equipment supply can be. The component is a special order parts.

Twelve, temperature compensator (expansion section).

Changes in the length of the wire used to compensate for temperature changes caused. Light rail length over 150 meters setting, set the heavy rail length exceeds 200 meters. The component is a special order parts.

Thirteen, trolley line maintenance and maintenance.

Safety trolley line in normal operation should be checked regularly, since electrical equipment is a major industrial and mining production tool every slightest mistake will directly affect the production efficiency of the plant. Check the trolley line when checking whether a 4.5 m or 6 m joints loose, disconnected, checking collector, you should check whether the rotating flexible active site, the tension spring is fatigue, brush wear, etc. (these cases will affect the tracking performance of the trolley line conductivity and collector should make timely adjustments).
When equipment refurbishment holiday period, the collector prolapse catheter, check collector brush roller wear, such as brushes extend the effective length less than the specified amount, to be replaced, the guide roller severe deformation, also need to be replaced to maintain the collector normal operation and a good contact of the brush, and inventory reasons. Safety trolley line all the parts, the brush is only normal wear parts.

Brush friction coefficient: 0.2

Effective brush wear 4-6mm

For severe corrosive atmospheres, still need to check the brackets, put pylons clip, tractor rusting situation; and to take timely measures, coated with rust-proof materials.

Trolley line use of premises, eg for infrastructure. Never impact, hit the pressure transmission pipe, but are not allowed to place heavy objects on the power transmission conduit. Preventing transmission pipe deformation cracking, affect the use of security incidents. End infrastructure, should immediately remove garbage transmission infrastructure on the catheter.

When properly maintained, the staff are not allowed to be on foot transmission conduit or stent, to prevent damage to the flatness of the entire line and accidents.

Fourteen, the trolley line options.

(1). Power supply: DC, single phase or three-phase AC;
(2). The maximum current and continuous cable;
(3). The maximum allowable voltage drop;
(4). Ambient temperature, the external conditions (dust, wind, humidity, mist)
(5). Electrical products is no small matter, you must select qualified suppliers to give professional and technical guidance, the products meet the national compulsory certification (3C).